Always-On HelpDesk

A single point of contact for multipoint local support

The diversification, increased complexity and hybrid management of companies’ digital ecosystems means their user support has to master an ever-growing number of different technologies and handle an increasing number of requests.


To relieve yourself of the headache that user support can cause, Cyllene has developed “Always-On HelpDesk”, an offer allowing you to outsource all or part of your support.


This makes Cyllene the single point of contact for all requests, both from the IT department and users. Our teams guarantee that your request will be referred rapidly if it cannot be dealt with directly.

Our solution is resolutely user-oriented and allows centralized management of the support, ensuring that your systems and your computer equipment continue to be available.

Local service

Cyllene’s local service is familiar with the VIP and VOP contexts. It takes charge of local requests or meetings, performs diagnostics, deals with the requests or refers them to the appropriate group. It can also make prevention visits to VIPs on request.

IT Stand

Cyllene proposes the installation of an IT Stand on your site, as a shop window for your IT department. This stand is a welcome point for your employees, to offer them guidance in their day-to-day requirements: local assistance and support, provision of small hardware items, passing on communications and policy from your IT department, management of events associated with support for change.

Service DESK

Cyllene implements a single IT point of contact to deal with requests from your users, both locally and remotely. This includes classifying requests, diagnostics, providing a direct solution or referral to the appropriate group.

Management of change

Cyllene implements good practices and supports you in meeting your budget targets. For example, our teams pilot the implementation of adapted workflows for the management of incidents, requests or problems.

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