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Our cloud solutions

Hosting, Multi Cloud Hybridization, IP Operator, Outsourcing H24.


Cyllene's hosting offer offers you secure, high-performance and upgradeable Private Cloud solutions

Located in France on several freehold sites, our Datacenters support highly resilient architectures, offering an ideal environment for any digital ecosystem. Totally interconnectable, they securely address any data center, public cloud or company, opening the information system to global and hybrid access.

Whether they are" legacy", virtual or containerized architectures, our private hosting offers are custom-built to suit your needs and requirements.

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At a time when hosting solutions are multiplying, it is essential for companies to be able to simply locate their infrastructures and easily reach their data and applications.
Cyllene's hybridization offer is based on a set of technologies allowing the interconnection of its Datacenters to the main public Clouds regardless of the location of systems or users.

Our architects SysOps and DevOps support the transformation projects by taking fully into account the interoperability with private environments.

The mastery of the private/public Cloud, hosting and telecom infrastructures, gives Cyllene a 360° vision allowing to build relevant and efficient hybrid architectures. By bringing a global visibility of the architectures, a centralized outsourcing and a better security, hybridization offers a greater control of the information system.

Operator Services

As a telecom operator, Cyllene provides you with a set of services for connection to its Datacenters, internet access, and global interconnection to other data centers.

Cyllene also proposes its opening on the Global Cloud Exchange in order to offer one of the widest hybridization offers on the market.

Our extensive telecom infrastructure, built on a multi-operator backbone, offers a set of modular and secure Tier 2/3 access and national collection solutions.

Cyllene relies on its expertise to develop a new concept: GeoTransparency. The companies can thus extend or distribute their information system where their use is the most pertinent, while guaranteeing control and coherence.

H24 Outsourcing

Outsourcing, supervision and security are the basis of a reliable and efficient information system.

Therefore, Cyllene offers its operating and monitoring services and ensures the security of environments hosted in its Datacenters or in Public Cloud.

The Network Operation Center provides 24/7 systems monitoring and incident management within the Datacenters.

Operational tasks and the expertise required to keep environments in operational condition are provided by Production teams covering a wide range of skills. In this way Cyllene supervises, alerts and operates your infrastructures, allowing you to globalize the management of your SI and to refocus on your core business.

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