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With this new certification, Cyllene confirms his expertise in data hosting.  

As part of the strengthening of legislation on health data hosting, Cyllene announced last october the launch of its HDS certification, a further step in its continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence. Indeed, Cyllene has, since the acquisition of the ISO 27001 a particular attention to security and data protection, already reinforced by the SOC 1 type II and SOC 2 type II approvals.

In this new regulatory context, this certification issued by the State is now based on international standards and compliance with government security requirements to guarantee the security of health data.

Recent developments in e-health demonstrate the special attention that must be paid to the security, availability, confidentiality, backup, and control of personal health data.

We are proud to announce that Cyllene is officially certified as a "Health Data Host". This certification covers both the "Physical Infrastructure Hosting Provider" and "Managed Hosting Provider" certificates.

Therefore, it was essential to strengthen our infrastructure, drawing on our expertise in cybersecurity to offer highly secure Managed Services to meet our customers' needs : continuous performance of their infrastructures, strict and monitored security conditions, 24/7 availability, local teams.

We are now perfectly equipped to carry out the digital transformation of health actors. Our hosting facilities as well as the applications that support them are reliable and comply with the strict security conditions for medical and personal data : from our mastery of contractual aspects to hosting modalities.

We have fully owned, standardized data centers based in France with state-of-the-art equipment that support highly resilient architectures, providing an ideal environment for any digital ecosystem.

Fully interconnected, they securely address any data center, Public Cloud or company, with the ability to link the information system on a secure global and hybrid access.

“It is a great satisfaction for Cyllene and all its teams to be able to demonstrate through this certification the values of High Quality and High Security in our global strategy as a French Cloud Hosting and Managed Services provider.”

Arnaud Delmas
Director Cloud Computing - Cyllene

This certification puts at a very high level the guarantees that we are able to give to our most demanding customers.

Luc Alloin
Director Cyllene Cyber - RSSI
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