For robust, built-in security

To respond to the growing need for digital security, Cyllene’s CyberSecurity offers an overall approach comprising four aspects that are complementary, coherent and operational:


Falcon - Bastion - Sentinel - Javelin


For the Business to create Value, mastering the digital environment is an increasingly essential aspect. Exponential growth in volumes, new web services, mobile working, strategic maximization of data thanks to AI and the blockchain, the healthy dynamic of the IoT ecosystem and the complexity of IT system interconnections are both challenges and opportunity or risk factors for the Business.

Our Digital Security offer is Cyllene’s response to the expectations of managers to plan and organize (Falcon), deploy and protect (Bastion), diagnose and measure (Javelin), assess and anticipate (Sentinel), while meeting the regulatory obligations and the legal and insurance requirements; it completes the “Security By Design” process already up and running in all the Group’s other offers.


The robust nature of built-in security depends on the quality and the complementarity of each of the protection blocks of which it is formed.


Bastion was designed to offer each of the necessary solutions, but also to be capable of integrating them according to complementary approaches.

Infrastructure security

Use of all or some of the Client Firewalls to guarantee optimum security for systems hosted in Cyllene Data Centers located in France. Cyllene’s AntiVirus solution allows the interception of any malware programs that sometimes circulate in emails. Real-time scanning, daily update of Antivirus clients and extension exclusion templates ensure quality filtering. The Network Operation Center provides 24/7 system surveillance and incident management. The NOC is made up of teams entirely under contract to Cyllene and located in France.

Complementary solutions

Implementing Bastion security solutions would be ineffective without an all-round vision of the security situation such as that allowed by the Falcon-type global approach, completed with monitoring of threat evolution and surveillance of indicators using Sentinel, and the capacity to test regularly the effectiveness of the protection using Javelin.


Implementing a framework that responds to the way the client business functions will consist of choosing the appropriate operational and technical structure for efficient decision-making, contributing to the improvement of the security situation


Together with its partner Olfeo, Cyllene has developed a turnkey solution to keep every user secure from external attacks: URL filtering, proxy-cache, SSL inspection and flux antivirus.


Support for the Client in its compliance process by taking into account the relevant frames of reference for its technical-financial and regulatory environment (ISO, RGPD, SIIV, etc.). Proposal for an action plan coupled with technical-organizational measures resulting from an analysis of the security challenges and objectives, the experience of our experts and commonly adopted best practices

Bespoke solution

Because every company and every system is different, our security solutions are custom-made. The creation of an offer that adapts fully to your challenges and needs means we can guarantee a customized and optimum security plan.

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