The ideal solution is inevitably a bespoke solution. And that’s exactly what we are going to do for you.

Private Cloud

Cyllene’s Private Cloud offer gives you the opportunity to create a bespoke, perfectly adapted and dedicated information system. Guaranteeing a high level of security, these architectures are also fully interconnectable and authorize hybrid management to the Public Cloud (Carrier-neutral, operator services, “GéoTransparence”…). Implemented in France on several fully owned sites, Cyllene’s Data Centers support resilient and scalable solutions, offering an ideal environment for any digital ecosystem.

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Hybrid management

At a time when hosting solutions are ever increasing in number, it is vital for companies to be able to locate their infrastructures simply and reach their data and applications easily. The hybrid management proposed by Cyllene is based on a set of technologies that allow their Data centers to be interconnected with the main public Clouds, regardless of the location of the systems or their users. Its expertise in private/public Clouds, hosting infrastructures and telecoms gives Cyllene an all-round vision that allows it to build relevant and efficient hybrid architectures.

Operator Services

As a telecoms operator, Cyllene provides you with a set of services for connection to its Data centers, internet access, and worldwide interconnection to other data centers. Cyllene also offers the possibility of opening up to the Global Cloud Exchange, to provide one of the broadest offers of hybrid networks on the market. Our extensive telecoms infrastructure, built on a multi-operator backbone, offers a set of solutions for level 2/3 access and national collection that are modular and secure. Cyllene has drawn on its expertise to give rise to a new concept: “GéoTransparence”. This allows companies to extend or distribute their information system wherever their use is most relevant, while guaranteeing control and consistency.

24hr IT outsourcing

Oversee and optimize the maintenance of your infrastructures and guarantee the continuity of your services with no extra costs thanks to a scalable infrastructure that can absorb peak loads.

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FinOps O³

The inappropriate use of conventional expenditure management processes frequently leads companies to lose control of the costs and the technical control of their IT services. With FinOps O³, analyze, optimize and operate your public infrastructures to maximize their cost-effectiveness and performance.

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