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Offer your clients a bespoke online experience

Nowadays, the Client Experience is the greatest challenge when building and developing your E-Business: from attracting new clients to making them loyal, all the value chains in a purchase cycle require work, based on both e-commerce best practices and on knowledge of the client. 


Cyllene’s E-commerce offer is our way of providing you with end-to-end support in creating the most relevant Client Experience to optimize your e-business and make it a real growth channel for your brand. 

We analyze your data, understand your targets, problems and goals, and offer you a bespoke service to create the best client experience combining Creation, Consulting and Technology.  

Main assets

    • Considerable expertise in a variety of disciplines
    • Optimize your digital strategy, particularly through analysis and use of your data
    • Propose relevant, ergonomic client paths to transform better
    • Target your leads effectively
    • Optimize your page loading performance with our hosting solution
    • Be recognized as a strong brand

Data Analysis

Our solution involves gathering, decrypting and analyzing heterogeneous data to bring out the strategic information that helps you in your decision-making (to get your website in shape).

◦ Client approach
◦ Channel approach
◦ Product approach


Placing the user at the center of our thinking allows us to build unique experiences in different digital formats (smartphone, tablet and Desktop...).

◦ Analysis
◦ Conceptualization
◦ Design
◦ Test

Development of e-commerce sites and apps

We use the Agile method to optimize the creation of your e-commerce site or app. Over and above development, our project heads pull out all the stops to understand the brand brief of Project Owners and recommend how to translate it to digital.

◦ Functional & Technical guidance
◦ Front & Back Development
◦ Evolutions

Traffic acquisition

We implement a turnkey mechanism to generate qualified prospects. From audience targeting to content creation, we activate a specially designed scenario to meet the targets you have set.

◦ Advice on digital strategy
◦ Web Analytics
◦ Supply of target audiences
◦ Content design & creation
◦ Monitoring of performances
◦ Activation of acquisition channels


Hosted in the cloud or on-site in our Data Centers in France, you can enjoy complete independence in managing your platform while benefiting from managed services.

◦ Automatic management of Kubernetes containers
◦ Construction and Test before deployment
◦ Security (ISO, SOC, HDS, PCIDSS certifications)
◦ Infrastructure optimization
◦ Self-service interface
◦ Library of templates
◦ Supervision

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