Lead Magnet

Tell us what your target is and we’ll do the rest!

Lead Magnet is a turnkey solution that allows you to enhance your base of potential clients.

Make the work of your sales force easier and save them time by providing them with pre-qualified leads on a plate.


From targeting of your audiences to the creation of content that will encourage them to convert, we activate a specially designed scenario to help you to meet your objectives.

Main assets

    • Bespoke targeting: we deploy content created to convert your affinity audiences in different acquisition channels.
    • Exclusive qualified leads: definition of the information to be collected and configuration of an automatic email sent to give access to the content.
    • Synchronization with your CRM tools: instantly centralize the data collected in your own tool to make your prospects flow more smoothly.
    • 360 Support: count on the support of a dedicated expert from the design of your strategy to operational implementation, guaranteeing that your results are monitored and optimized.

Additional features

    • Definition of target profiles and their client paths: we analyze the data collected and your website data, to establish personas.
    • Leads transformation strategy: guide your prospects through the process from first contact to conversion.

Digital Marketing strategy advice

Creation of a customized strategy, definition of the most relevant levers.

Activation of acquisition channels

Paid referencing (SEA), LinkedIn ads, collection, etc.

Targeting and audience

Identification and supply of target audiences (affinity audience, audience in the market, remarketing audience and similar audiences), interested in your product/service to be effective in your collecting of leads.

Content creation

Creation of landing pages and premium content (white paper, computer graphics, videos). We deploy all our creative energy to build the most suitable support for triggering a conversion.

Web analytics

Recommendation and support in the choice and implementation of web analytics tools, the creation of a tagging plan and its implementation.

Monitoring of performance

Presentation of a consolidated report covering all the activated levers. Analysis of performance and optimization of actions in progress.

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