Effective observation for better anticipation and reaction

To respond to the increasing need for digital security, Cyllene’s CyberSecurity offers an overall approach comprising four aspects that are complementary, coherent and operational:


Falcon - Bastion - Sentinel - Javelin


For the Business to create Value, mastering the digital environment is an increasingly essential aspect. Exponential growth in volumes, new web services, mobile working, strategic maximization of data thanks to AI and the blockchain, the healthy dynamic of the IoT ecosystem and the complexity of IT system interconnections are both challenges and opportunity or risk factors for the Business.

Our Digital Security offer is Cyllene’s response to the expectations of managers to plan and organize (Falcon), deploy and protect (Bastion), diagnose and measure (Javelin), assess and anticipate (Sentinel), while meeting the regulatory obligations and the legal and insurance requirements; it completes the “Security By Design” process already up and running in all the Group’s other offers.


Given that total protection is an illusion, controlling the risk is based on our ability to detect and react quickly when faced with a security incident.


Through our SOC and a SIEM, Sentinel is a positive advantage for you in identification, detection, prevention and incident response tasks. It conforms to the highest standards of cybersecurity requirements as recommended by the ANSSI.


A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides centralized and consolidated capacities for prevention, detection and response to cybersecurity incidents. Our specialists guarantee defensive security to protect Client businesses: IT security monitoring, detection and analysis of security incidents, investigations, reporting, ongoing improvement, detection optimizations and IT security monitoring.


An SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) refers to a set of cyber-threat detection technologies within an SOC. These technologies allow analysis, management and correlation of logs to highlight the potentiality of each threat. The SIEM provides our experts with advanced supervision of the systems being monitored, combining human expertise and Machine Learning skills for optimum cybersecurity.


Cyllene’s Cyber department is responsible for the security of the Information Systems hosted by Cyllene or in the Cloud. To maintain its knowledge of the threats, Cyllene Cyber implements adapted surveillance, monitoring and alert tools.

Cyllene Lab

Cyllene’s Cyber department has a laboratory that allows it to analyze data and carry out specific developments, with the ability to perform tests in real, non-production environments.


Forensic analysis in the field of cybersecurity is designed to understand the way an attack works through a technical analysis of the Information System. The aim of this method of investigation is to produce numerical evidence of the cyber-attack in anticipation of legal proceedings or in-house action. As soon as the incident is recorded, the forensic analysis consists of using specific tools and procedures to gather information, analyze the raw data and draw up conclusions.

Complementary solutions

Sentinel is the natural complement to our Bastion offer, which it allows to evolve over time. By updating knowledge of the threats, Sentinel also feeds into Javelin, thereby guaranteeing that its offers remain relevant over time.

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